Give peas a chance

Peas, a natural ingredient for a sustainable future!


For almost 20 years, Lacto Trade has an exclusive partnership with the France based company Sotexpro. Sotexpro is a family owned business with a long tradition, specialized in the processing of pulses into functional ingredients for the feed industry and food applications such as meat and meat replacers, bakery industry and convenience food.



TEXTA P 55/80

TEXTA P 65/70

TEXTA P 24/30

TEXTA P 24/15


Ingredients made from pulses are a healthy food choice with great functional properties

  • Nutrition: rich in fiber, high protein, low fat
  • Functional: water retention, gelling capacity, binding power.


  • Textured products(TVP) to be used in meat replacers, hybride meat products
    Texta P 65/70
    Texta P 55/80
    Texta P 55/80 HSR
    Texta P 24/30
    Texta P 24/15
  • Pre-cooked (extruded) pea flower to be used in sauces, soups, sausages (type frankfurter), frying batters
    Sativa 32/100
  • Fibers to be used in meat products, biscuits, diet products.
    Cellula 90/160

Why use pea products?

  • GMO free, soy free and gluten free
  • Peas are not mentioned on EU allergen list and Codex
  • Clean labelling
  • Little foot print


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